User Experience Designer



An evidence driven designer with a diverse skill-set and a versatile range of experiential insight. I'm passionate about leveraging communication through empathic design and comprehensive research that is inclusive with a user centered approach.

Graphic designer, events producer, DJ and social wellness advocate - I've been designing environments and curating experiences for diverse audiences for as long as I can remember.  Needing a way to focus my talents and interests, I embarked upon my own 'user journey' into the world of UX as an immersive student at General Assembly in New York City. 

There, I discovered the importance of data-driven-design - through research and what makes for a viable user experience - I also learned a lot about my own capabilities, both as a designer and as an individual, through the process that is this #UXlife.

My ability to empathize with people, to understand their habits, needs and concerns, guides me through this journey with a focus on ethical research practices, accessibility and a design aesthetic that is considerate of the end-user.

~ Andy